About Us


Who We Are

We are a committee of community leaders representing the Greater Columbus area. Our leadership represents the multiplicity of partners dedicated to supporting, planning and implementing a successful event every year. These partners represent homeless facilities, the corporate community, banking industry, media, educational institutions, city and government, professional and civic associations, faith-based and non--profit sector, and senior and youth groups.


Homeless Issues

The issues of poverty and homelessness are still as prevalent today as they were decades ago and surprisingly, the issues of homelessness remain generally a topic of ignorance and misinformation on the part of our society as a whole. We work to increase public awareness of the plight of the homeless as it stands today and looking into the future and build bridges of understanding in our community.


Event Planning

Planning for the event begins in the Spring when 12 committees, led by an Executive Committee, are formed to lead various picnic functions. Committees include donations, entertainment, facilities, food, free store, marketing & guest recruitment, photography, safety & health, setup, cleanup, transportation, volunteers and a web master. Committee chairs are empowered to coordinate and schedule their own meetings and activities with the assistance of the Executive Committee. 

Each committee works independently to recruit members and solicit the contributions needed to make the event successful every year.