Mission Statement and Vision

Mission Statement

In recognition of the many cultural layers that make up our community, the Good Neighbors Of Central Ohio provide opportunities for groups and individuals who represent each aspect of our community to work side by side demonstrating that we are good neighbors to our often forgotten community members: the homeless. 


Our hope and vision is that groups and individuals all across America will realize the deplorable and senseless conditions of homelessness and hunger in their own communities, realize they can make a difference, and construct their own Good Neighbors picnic annually. Additionally, we envision communities will use this day as a common mission to bring diverse peoples together, working side by side, building tolerance, acceptance building mutual respect while erasing prejudice, bigotry and hate. One day we see our children being a Good Neighbor to anyone who is different than themselves.


Good Neighbors of Central Ohio is a charitable and educational organization whose purpose is to: 

  • Provide a day of celebration to our often forgotten members of our   community, those without homes
  • Dispel myths concerning homelessness and hunger in our community
  • Provide an opportunity for our diverse community to work side by side as partners with a common interest ergo building bridges of understanding between them which begins steps toward the reduction of bias and prejudice between people
  • Provide a compassionate framework founded on mutual respect as a positive role model for highly effective leadership with kindness, acceptance and integrity
  • Provide a platform for students and partnering organizations to conduct research projects and demonstrations that enhance understanding and healing of the conditions that create this unhealthy condition in our communities.